Writers’ Workshop

Winter Workshops

We’re running writers’ workshops over winter to help you polish your prose and finesse your plot. Run by Kill Your Darlings‘ Publishing Directors Rebecca Starford and Hannah Kent, each workshop is geared towards a particular aspect of the writing process. Our next workshop is:

Polishing Your Draft
Saturday, 12 September 2015
10am–4pm at Fitzroy Library
$175 for KYD subscribers; $195 for non-subscribers
Completing a first draft is often only the beginning of a journey to publication. What follows it is the crucial – and often troublesome – process of rewriting, redrafting and crafting your manuscript for submission to publishers.
This day-long workshop is designed to explain the importance of rewriting, and will teach efficient techniques and approaches to redrafting your work-in-progress to make it shine.

KYD Writers’ Workshop assessment services

7634010748_f5c62bc1f0_zKill Your Darlings is delighted to present a comprehensive assessment service for short stories and full-length manuscripts.

Any writer who has sought the opinion of a friend or family member about a piece that they’ve been slogging away on, and has been dished up the well-intentioned but largely unhelpful ‘I thought it was really good’, will know the value of good feedback.

KYD’s assessments are an increasingly popular way to get objective feedback for your writing at any stage of its development. Our experienced editing professionals will provide you with candid, objective and constructively critical feedback on what we believe is working and what isn’t, and provide you with some suggestions on how to improve it if it’s needed, as well as tips on where you might eventually place your work for publication on completion.

Here’s what a few writers have to say about our service: 

Getting professional feedback on your work is invaluable, especially when you’re starting out as a writer. I submitted a short story to KYD’s assessment service and received a detailed analysis of the story’s strengths, as well as the areas that needed to be improved. With this advice in mind, I tweaked the story and ended up getting it published. I would definitely recommend this service to other writers.
—Magdalena McGuire, whose workshopped story was selected for the annual Big Issue Fiction Edition

It was wonderful to be shortlisted for the Overland Story Wine Prize…and I certainly owe some of that to KYD’s feedback on the piece. When I got the assessment back, it was clear and cogent and very much helped me see the adjustments I needed to make to sharpen the contours of the story.
—Omar Sakr, whose workshopped story was shortlisted for Overland’s Story Wine Prize

Today I submitted my fourth short story to the KYD Writers’ Workshop manuscript service. Each story undergoes an assessment with one of KYD’s fabulous editing team… It’s excellent value given the work and time involved. The big-picture style of feedback helps focus the work and becomes the groundwork for the next redraft. I am thrilled to have discovered this wonderful service.
—Julie Twohig

How do the assessments work?

Kill Your Darlings offers two types of assessment: short-story assessments and full-length manuscript assessments.

In order to begin your assessment, you need to make a payment here (for short fiction or short nonfiction) and here (for full-length manuscripts). On payment, the KYD Writers’ Workshop will get in touch with you directly to arrange an assessment schedule with your editor and get the process underway.

Below are further details on the cost, maximum word length and turnaround times on assessments, as well as introductions to our workshop staff.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via info@killyourdarlingsjournal.com

Short story assessment:

  • Cost: $100
  • Up to 3000 words. (Note that you don’t have to submit completed pieces, you can submit 3000 words of a 6000 word story, for example.)
  • Assessment turnaround two weeks (max.).
  • Work with KYD’s experienced editorial staff.

Manuscript assessment

  • Cost: $600
  • Up to 60,000 words.
  • Any genre accepted (i.e. fiction, Young Adult fiction, memoir, travel writing, etc).
  • Assessment turnaround four weeks (max.).
  • Work with KYD’s experienced editorial staff.

Kill Your Darlings Writers’ Workshop staff