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Who run the book world? GIRLS!

‘It’s no wonder boys aren’t reading – the children’s book market is run by women.’ So claimed the headline of an April article in The Times.

*Cue Liz Lemon eye-roll* Read more »

Empowering women in developing communities: On Open Field

When I was young, I lived in a house at the top of a hill on a dead-end street. Our suburb was barely serviced by buses and had no train station. We never locked our front door, and the back door was always left ajar so the … Read more »

Event: Women in Print

Kill Your Darlings and Readings join forces to present a lively discussion of the fate of women in publishing, writing and the media in the noughties. Women’s writing has been proven to be woefully under-represented in the US literary scene – what’s the situation here? What challenges … Read more »