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Life is a Hallway: Watching, Waiting and Passing Through

In her previous column, Angela Meyer mentioned that a writer has certain concerns and fascinations. This month she goes beyond the entranceway to explore one of her own… Read more »

Highbrow vs Lowbrow: Hannah Kent defends Highbrow Literature

I understand why many people have a problem with highbrow literature. ‘Intellectual snobbery’ is a common accusation, as though the reason people read and write the stuff is solely to intimidate their dinner guests. ‘Highbrow literature is for wankers,’ I hear them say. Well, ladies and gentlemen, so is Fifty Shades of Grey. Read more »

Recommended Reading: Joel Deane, author of The Norseman’s Song

Welcome to the first Killings Recommended Reading post. Recommended Reading is literary voyeurism at its most gratuitous, a reader’s stickybeak. We investigate into the reading habits of writers we admire. Our first subject, Joel Deane, is a poet and journalist. His first novel, The Norseman’s Song, is … Read more »