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Could we crowdfund the dole?

Following the announcement of the 2014 budget, the director of a leading arts organisation posed a question on Facebook: ‘What recourse do the people have to stop these changes? What are next steps? Would be curious to know of any other effective measures to get the message across… apart from complaining on Twitter.’ Read more »

The Web as an Empathy Machine

Ad hoc Twitter projects like #RaceSwapExp neatly draw together all that is terrific and all that is terrible about the web as a system. Depending on how it is used, the web can either allow us to retreat into callousness, cliques, and fixed ways of thinking or it can function as the world’s most sophisticated and effective empathy machine. Read more »

Diary of a lurker: TV and Twitter

At the end of last month, global information provider Nielsen announced that Australia was to become the third country in the world with the ‘Nielsen TV Twitter Ratings’ service. According to a Nielsen Company press release, the Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings are ‘the first-ever measure of the total activity and reach of TV-related conversation on Twitter’. Read more »

‘Tweet nothings’ or 10 lessons to take away from the 2013 Melbourne Writers Festival

In his 1984 essay ‘On Writing’, short-fiction master Raymond Carver explained that part of his creative routine involved collecting advice, including sentence fragments he considered to be perfect, from other authors. Carver, himself hugely influential and imitable, would write these pearls of wisdom onto three-by-five cards and sticky tape them above his desk. Read more »

Loneliness in the Twittersphere

When I quit Facebook a year and a half ago, I told myself it was because I didn’t want so much personal information in the public domain. Not that I’d been a particularly avid Facebooker – I’d always made as few status updates as possible, and hardly … Read more »

Hashtag qanda: Lazy debate in 140 characters or less

Television thrives on outrage. So does social media. Welcome to another instalment of Q&A! Week after week it putters along giving airtime to a collection of political figures that might as well work out the back at your local Red Rooster for all the name recognition they … Read more »

Tweet your serial

If reading were food, the serialised novel would be the degustation menu. Tantalising chunks of story meted out piece by piece. That experience doesn’t happen all that often today – at least, not away from the TV and computer screen. Sure, we wait, achingly, for the latest … Read more »

The Meanjin Tournament of Books and shared reading experiences

One of the reasons I set out to read along with the Meanjin Tournament of Books was because I’m interested in the idea of shared reading experiences. ‘Social reading’ is a phrase that we are starting to hear more of, and there has been an increase in … Read more »

‘The blog ecology is always changing’ – Interview with Rachael Kendrick [podcast]

There’s nothing like the hospitality of a food blogger on an autumn eve. Cradling a little glass bottle of chinotto in my gloved hands, I spoke to Rachael Kendrick of Thus Bakes Zarathustra, Motor Coconut, The Vine (click on that last one for sure – I ate of that … Read more »