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Kill Your Darlings First Book Club:
How to host a murder

Why are we so fascinated by true crime books? What does that say about our culture and society? And what attracts writers to this grim genre? The Kill Your Darlings First Book Club, which promotes the debut titles of Australian authors, has chosen Martin McKenzie-Murray’s A Murder Without Motive (Scribe) as its first book of 2016. Read more »

Charmless lives: Helen Garner’s This House of Grief and Erik Jensen’s Acute Misfortune

How do narrative non-fiction writers who dare to dissect the darker aspects of humanity keep their readers engaged, rather than simply horrified? Read more »

Sympathy for the devil: Helen Garner on This House of Grief

Helen Garner’s desire to identify and dissect the worst of human nature has always provoked passionate debate and, often, criticism. This same urge drives her new book, This House of Grief. Read more »