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On Exchange: Things Taken and Things Left Behind

Two guys on the flight from Sydney to Denpasar drink steadily for six hours from plastic cups. I am curled on the seats behind. Through the gap I can see the Australian flag flight pillows wrapped around each neck like a brace. ‘Hey. Hey, why don’t you … Read more »

The ‘real’ Cambodia: an interview with Laura Jean McKay

  Much has changed in Cambodia since Pol Pot’s regime came to a bloodied end in 1979. These days, tourists are steadily flowing into the kingdom, and its ancient temples and Killing Fields are now entered via a ticket booth. A world away from Cambodia, in a … Read more »

Book Voyage

Some stories seem universal but others are forever linked to a particular place, whether because of where we first read or heard them, or because the story itself brings a particular location to life. In this podcast, links between story and place are explored. Estelle Tang recommends … Read more »

New to me, New York City

Like Loco, Pola and Schatze I was drawn to New York City to find a millionaire playboy. Wait, that’s not right. But in my nine days in NYC I did sometimes feel that I was acting a part in a movie. The island of Manhattan itself feels … Read more »

Hook, line and sinker: Emily Maguire’s Fishing for Tigers

It’s hard not to be hooked by the opening lines of Emily Maguire’s Fishing for Tigers: ‘I had picked Hanoi because the airfare was cheap and I knew almost nothing about the place. The need to be swallowed up by strangeness was the closest thing to desire … Read more »

Notes from the Tasman Sea (Melbourne to Auckland)

The Russiappines – 1421 nautical miles to New Zealand I have entered New Zealand from both ends – up in the North Island at Auckland airport and down south in pre-earthquake Christchurch. Both flights took about three hours from Melbourne and would have been completely unmemorable except … Read more »

Notes from … Delhi

In the latest instalment of our ‘Notes from … ’ travel series, Brass Monkey Books Publisher Kabita Dhara shares her experience of a return to a foreign city that feels like a homecoming. As soon as the plane touches down, my heart starts racing. For me, every … Read more »