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KYD No. 16 Teaser: ‘Happy Birthday Mr Eternal President: In North Korea for Their Most Reverent National Holiday’

In the third KYD No. 16 teaser, Tim Robertson attempts to see behind the façade of North Korea’s tourist trail on the 101st birthday of Kim Il Sung. Even Mother Nature, it seems, has been conscripted to help propagate the Kim family’s personality cult. In autumn, North Korea … Read more »

Water for the Skull: On River Tubing in Laos

On the Nam Song River, I had refused the shots of Lao-Lao, the backyard rice whiskey served free in the water, and taken only a solitary sip of beer. I didn’t want to be seen not drinking though, so I held onto the bottle longer than usual. … Read more »

The ‘real’ Cambodia: an interview with Laura Jean McKay

  Much has changed in Cambodia since Pol Pot’s regime came to a bloodied end in 1979. These days, tourists are steadily flowing into the kingdom, and its ancient temples and Killing Fields are now entered via a ticket booth. A world away from Cambodia, in a … Read more »

The Philippines: Promoting Progressive Tourism?

The next emerging Asian superpower? A deserted island paradise? Or merely a breeding ground for the world’s greatest cover bands? After many years of living in China, and a continental drift south to Australia for the last three, I’d taken a decade of trips in this region … Read more »

The cost of culture: Tearing down the Berlin Wall, again

As the first spring sunshine spread across Berlin earlier this month, locals witnessed a strange reproduction of history. Down by the Spree river, Berliners were fighting to save the very wall they once fought so hard to destroy. A 20-metre stretch of the East Side Gallery, an … Read more »

KYD No. 12 Teaser: ‘Into the Crater: Public Nudity on a Japanese Volcano’

For our first KYD No. 12 teaser, Robbie Arnott touches on his travels in Japan. Want to read the rest of Robbie’s big reveal? You can get your hands on Issue Twelve on 7th January. I was going to Hokkaido to climb a volcano. I’d already been … Read more »