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Lady Bosses on the Box

An increasing number of female-driven comedies, dramas or melodramas are popping up on our screens. Through the filters of fiction, the worlds these heroines inhabit directly reflect our own. This is the age of the lady boss. Read more »

Amusements and distractions

Killings brings you our weekly selection of posts that have amused, enlightened and generally distracted us. Good day, one and all. When two of our favourite funny women are hosting the Golden Globes, the inevitable press and hype in the lead up is fun to follow. Here … Read more »

‘There aren’t any funny women out there’: perceptions of gender in stand-up comedy

Of the 202 Australian stand-up shows at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, less than 25% of the acts were by solo women or women-only teams. I wasn’t particularly surprised about this, since gender imbalances are common in other creative industries (such as writing, as we know) but my inner feminist was still left feeling rather pummelled. Read more »