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KYD No. 15 Teaser: ‘Posthumous and Personal: Remembering David Rakoff’

For the third KYD No. 15 teaser, Stephanie Van Schilt remembers the works of the late David Rakoff. David Rakoff has accompanied me where most others haven’t: at the gym, in the shower, in bed, while washing dishes or driving. He’s taken long strolls with me and sat … Read more »

Gang of Five: Christmas for the cold hearted

After years of working in various large retail stores, when I think of Christmas an immediate sense of dread consumes me. Ubiquitous cheesy carols and advertising jingles will inevitably worm their way into my head, driving me crazy to Ken Bruce proportions. Repellent tactile tinsel and other … Read more »

Podcast: Lawrence Leung’s beginning, middle and end

What makes a story? Is it the structure, the way you tell it, the characters within? Lawrence Leung and I got together to discuss erotic fan fiction, the best way to tell stories, untrue stories and the elusive Ira Glass. Lawrence Leung is an award-winning Australian comedian … Read more »

Introducing The Podcast Review

In January 1930, Harold Vivien invited 250 volts of electricity to pour through his body. Vivien was the chief control operator at the Columbia Broadcasting Company in New York, and he didn’t become a human transmitter for shits and giggles. Read more »