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Adhocracy: Lifting the curtain on the creative process

Every June long weekend I wrap myself up in several extra layers and make my way to the Waterside Worker’s Hall in Port Adelaide for Adhocracy, Vitalstatistix’s annual hothouse that brings together artists from around the country for a weekend of creative development. Read more »

Creative Space: The secret power of community theatres

Theatre is inextricably tied to space, and the best theatre spaces become more than buildings. They become communities of like-minded people: of artists and of audience members, intermingling their ideas and their lives. Read more »

The (Sometimes) Beauty of Being Alone at the Theatre

I often go to the theatre on my own. One of the great joys of writing reviews is that even when I attend productions solo, I still get to talk (write) about them at length after the fact. Seeing theatre is a wonderful activity to do unaccompanied, because as soon as the performance starts, everyone is alone in some way. Read more »

Front row at the theatre wars: Simon Stone’s The Cherry Orchard

  By the time I belatedly sat down in the Sumner theatre to see Simon Stone’s adaptation of The Cherry Orchard I had other dramas on my mind. Shadowing the reception of MTC’s production was a minor shitstorm around the supposed battle between ‘new writing’ and ‘adaptation’. … Read more »

KYD No. 13 Teaser: ‘Notes on Theatre Notes: The Importance of Being Seen’

For our second KYD No. 13 teaser, respected theatre critic Alison Croggon reflects on the role her blog Theatre Notes played in her life and the critical world. The rest of Alison’s interesting article – and the whole of Issue Thirteen – will be available for purchase … Read more »

The Tennessee torpor: ITCH Productions’ Vieux Carré

Imagine the worst share house you have ever set foot in, multiply its misery by ten and you will have something approximating the milieu of Tennessee Williams’ 1977 play Vieux Carré. If you’ve never heard of it, that may be because it’s from his critically panned late … Read more »

A climate of mendacity: The Heretic

It must be tough writing drama about the political issue du jour. Worthy causes can be adapted into unwatchable dross, while intellectual scrap metal can be spun into theatrical gold. A case of the latter is The Heretic Read more »

Five favourite mean mums

In our list series, ‘Gang of Five’, we make a list of five things related to … whatever we like. This time KYD Online Intern, Stephanie Van Schilt, creates a special, somewhat sinister, Mother’s Day list. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there – we … Read more »

Review: Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Australian Shakespeare Company

The scandal-plagued Lady Chatterley’s Lover may seem like a logical choice for today’s stage. After all, DH Lawrence’s novel about a sexually frustrated aristocrat who develops a taste for the rough-cut charms of her husband’s groundskeeper had an extraordinarily liberated attitude toward sex for its time. It’s … Read more »

Podcast: Alex Menglet, Bell Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar has its share of memorable lines – to this day we beware the Ides of March or beseech our friends, Romans and countrymen to hear us. But though it’s sometimes thought of as the Shakespeare’s boring toga story, its absorbing tale of power, friendship … Read more »