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Best of 2013 (Part One): Music, Videogames and Podcasts

In the first of a two-part series, some of our favourite Killings contributors highlight their top cultural moments of 2013 – in music, videogames and podcasting. Have they missed any? Best Music – Chad Parkhill The album that towered over my 2013 was The Knife’s monumental Shaking the Habitual, … Read more »

‘How history presses on into today’: Gareth Liddiard’s ‘The Radicalisation of D’

Gareth Liddiard is known as singer and guitarist for Melbourne-based rock band The Drones. In 2010, he put out a solo record, Strange Tourist. Ben Gook’s review of Strange Tourist appears in Kill Your Darlings Issue Four. For Killings, Ben reflects on Liddiard’s haunting ‘The Radicalisation of … Read more »