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Clipped: What would Susan Sontag say about always-on cameras?

As I write this, a tiny camera clipped to my shirt collar is silently taking a picture every thirty seconds. At the end of the day, I will plug my Narrative Clip into my MacBook, and it will upload half a gigabyte of images to the Cloud. … Read more »

Space terror and dystopian realities: Hollywood’s sci-fi resurgence

In her seminal essay, ‘The Imagination of Disaster’, Susan Sontag declares that science-fiction films are not about science–they are about disaster, ‘the aesthetics of destruction, with peculiar beauties to be found in wrecking havoc.’ This is inherently true: film is quite possibly the greatest medium through which … Read more »

A Fussy Filmgoer speaks out: cinema’s mixed pleasures

Imagine for a moment that you’re sitting with a friend in a reasonably full, darkened cinema, anxiously waiting for that film you’ve both been dying to see all summer to begin. The previews finally finish and the film’s production company logos start quietly appearing. At this moment, … Read more »