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Go forth and Pitch, Bitch!

Today, the first Wednesday of the month, is Pitch Bitch day. Women writers are encouraged to use the day to work on a pitch, research a pitch, or send a pitch. Read more »

The subject of submission

Have you ever written a story that was so good you just had to get it out there? Have you ever wondered where and how you might send your story, taking into account the dos and don’ts of the industry and any number of specific submission guidelines? … Read more »

Ever-decreasing circles: Overland and the modern submissions model

Australian literary journal Overland recently changed their submissions process. The submissions guidelines now read: Overland relies on its subscribers for survival. For that reason, the editors prioritise submissions by subscribers. While all work will be read, we cannot guarantee response times to submissions by non-subscribers. When queried … Read more »

From the Trenches: Submission Beach

Writing is a battlefield. Our new column, ‘From the Trenches’, brings you tales from the front line. In this instalment, Kent MacCarter ponders the necessary evil of submissions. I am stuck in a birth canal. Our birth canal: the passage that guides its subjects into some semblance … Read more »