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Removing the blinkers: social media, outrage and animals in sport

There’s something ethically unsettling about sports that use animals. Probably because consent is conspicuously absent and cruelty is conspicuously present – whipping, withholding food and other dubious tactics are used to coerce animals to perform. But social media is making it harder for organisations to hide cruelty and for the public to remain blinkered to animals’ suffering. Read more »

The Rise of the High-Minded Startup

Ello’s manifesto is the key to understanding its relative success, and how it has managed to sign up hundreds of thousands of users despite offering a wafer-thin feature set. Read more »

BuzzFeed quizzes understand me

If you use social media regularly – Facebook, in particular – you’ll have completed a BuzzFeed quiz during the past month. Don’t deny it. Even if you didn’t share your results online, deep down you’re still feeling smug because the ‘What Should You Actually Eat For Lunch?’ quiz confirmed that eating ice cream was, in fact, an appropriate meal for your personality type. Read more »

Military Vision: Embracing accelerated change

For artists, the accelerated rate of technological change presents an interesting conundrum. It has always been difficult to make statements about technology that will maintain their relevance for more than a few years, but the Cambrian explosion of contemporary digital technology has amplified this problem. As an … Read more »

Loneliness in the Twittersphere

When I quit Facebook a year and a half ago, I told myself it was because I didn’t want so much personal information in the public domain. Not that I’d been a particularly avid Facebooker – I’d always made as few status updates as possible, and hardly … Read more »

Hashtag qanda: Lazy debate in 140 characters or less

Television thrives on outrage. So does social media. Welcome to another instalment of Q&A! Week after week it putters along giving airtime to a collection of political figures that might as well work out the back at your local Red Rooster for all the name recognition they … Read more »

Tweet your serial

If reading were food, the serialised novel would be the degustation menu. Tantalising chunks of story meted out piece by piece. That experience doesn’t happen all that often today – at least, not away from the TV and computer screen. Sure, we wait, achingly, for the latest … Read more »

Does the fate of bookshops rest on the fate of books?

Recently, I went to Berwick St in Soho with a DJ friend of mine who was in London for a few days. Once hailed as having the greatest concentration of record shops in Britain – back in the 1990s, Berwick St had more than 20 independent stores … Read more »

Spawning Anonymous: Inside the world of 4chan

In Issue Six of Kill Your Darlings, Gillian Terzis examined the decentralised collective of activists known as Anonymous. Here, Gillian takes us further into the place from which these hacktivists are spawned – the strange, often pornographic world of 4chan.   I learned about 4chan the hard … Read more »

Review: Wasted on the Young

Reminiscent of Australian high school dramas such as Blackrock and 2:37, Wasted on the Young is the feature debut of writer/director Ben C. Lucas. Filmed in Western Australia, the story takes place at an exclusive private school, which we are informed is the best because ‘it’s the … Read more »