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Do music critics need music theory?

Canadian musician Owen Pallett – the man who arranged the strings on Arcade Fire’s albums, co-wrote the soundtrack for Spike Jonze’s Her, and has a bunch of wonderful solo albums – can now add another feather to his cap: that of an engaging music writer. Read more »

How much sin can viewers take?: HBO’s Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire has achieved a similar status to the gangster films of the 1950s, bringing the state of television’s serial narrative — to borrow a phrase from Roland Barthes — to a more than adequate gestuary of ‘cool’. The pilot episode of the HBO series, the fifth … Read more »

The Podcast Review: The Slate Culture Gabfest

In The Podcast Review, guest reviewer Dion Kagan takes a look at a highlight of the international podcasting spectrum. There’s a moment in first-year humanities tutorials when, in the face of a certain type of interpretation (of a scene in a film, for example), a certain type … Read more »