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‘YA-bashing’: sexism meets elitism

Another month, another critic who doesn’t read YA literature but still feels superior enough to dictate to those who do. And with this latest instalment of ‘YA bashing’ comes critique of the critics – as many start pointing to a patriarchal undercurrent that runs beneath such articles that claim young adult and children’s fiction is unworthy. Read more »

We need to talk about sexism

Although Everyday Sexism… is compelling, engagingly written and undeniably important in terms of what it contributes to the cultural conversation about feminism and women’s rights, it doesn’t offer any real solutions to the issues it so definitively illustrates. Read more »

Podcast: The ethics of comedy

From Seth MacFarlane hosting this year’s Oscars, to the controversy around rape jokes following the Daniel Tosh fiasco in 2012, this podcast discusses the role of the comedian, their relationship to ethics, power and privilege, and the concept of ‘kicking up, not down’. Writer and broadcaster Jessica … Read more »