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Spark, flow, sigh: The erotics of body and mind

Recently, as we sat around having a few drinks after a book launch, a poet friend asked the question, ‘Do you find writing to be an erotic act?’. My instinctive answer was ‘yes’, but I’ve been thinking about it ever since. How did I interpret the question? And why was my answer so sure? Read more »

Hi, I’ll be your sex guide for today

  There’s a lot going on out there in the sexual wilderness. Sometimes I think I’d rather make myself a nice cup of tea and watch Lateline than wrestle with trying to understand the latest and greatest from the Master Manual of Sex. With so many avenues … Read more »

All the real girls: Lena Dunham and sexual politics

In the very first scene of the pilot episode for Girls – Lena Dunham’s new HBO comedy series – 24-year-old aspiring writer Hannah (played by Dunham) is told by her parents over a fancy restaurant dinner that they are cutting off their financial support, which has enabled … Read more »

KYD No. 9 teaser: Ruth Starke’s ‘The Renaissance Man: Don Dunstan and the Sexy Seventies’

For our second sneak peek into  KYD No.9, Ruth Starke looks back at the ever-alluring Don Dunstan in a scintillating investigation into the sexier side of South Australian politics. If this teaser leaves you wanting more, you can find the full text of this essay and more … Read more »

Issue Eight teaser: Clementine Ford’s ‘It’s a Sex Thing, Right? – When Fantasy Becomes Reality’

In our second Issue Eight sampler, Clementine Ford reminisces about pesto pasta, phone sex and other attempts at adulthood. Our final instalment of Issue Eight teasers is on its way – watch this space! I’d moved out of home at the start of my second year at … Read more »

Interview with Raphael Brous: I Am Max Lamm

If a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil, can it set off a tornado in Texas? Similarly, if a young tennis champion trains his forehand swing every day, could it have spectacularly lethal consequences? The notion of the ‘butterfly effect’ – where seemingly inconsequential conditions can have unintentionally devastating results – is a concept that came to mind in the reading of Raphael Brous’s Read more »