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Adventures in reality with Oliver Mol

One of Mol’s recent pieces contains the line: ‘I want to put my bare ass on the cover of my book because not only will it make good promo but it speaks honestly about who I am.’ Read more »

Summer reading: Sherman Alexie’s War Dances

When I came across Sherman Alexie’s 2007 book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, I was surprised to see the controversial word ‘Indian’ where I might have expected the legal and technical term ‘Native American’, which I have dutifully preferred since I was a spotty … Read more »

Readings ebookshop launched

Our friends at Readings and SPUNC have together launched an ebookshop filled with titles from independent publishing houses including Black Inc., Text Publishing, Scribe Publications, Wakefield Press and many more. The ebooks purchased from the site can be read on any device with a browser, including iPads, … Read more »

The art of disconnecting: William Powers’ Hamlet’s Blackberry [review]

Hamlet’s Blackberry is a meditation on the phenomenon of connectivity by media and technology journalist William Powers. Using his own personal experience with technology, Powers asks, at what cost do we surround ourselves with this maddening crowd of screens? Read more »

Review: Chris Womersley’s Bereft

Mrs Cranshaw stepped closer. Rain gathered on her eyelashes. ‘I must ask you again: did she say anything to you, sir?’ Her breath hung in the air between them as thick as candle smoke… ‘We charge for messages from the other side, you know?’ After attending a … Read more »

Review: Robin Black’s If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This

If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This Robin Black Publisher: Scribe Publications (Australia and New Zealand) ISBN: 9781921640421 RRP: $32.95 The title of Robin Black’s debut short story collection, If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This, is an intriguing premise. What would she … Read more »

Kill Your Darlings Literary Trivia Night (Melbourne)

They came to play, and they played hard. Last week’s Kill Your Darlings literary trivia night was a great success, with twelve tables battling it out for the KYD Trivia Champion title. Props to the Text Publishing team, who aced questions about true lies, sex and death … Read more »

Nicola Redhouse: ‘Being a writer certainly enriches my work as an editor’

It’s often said that writing and editing are two sides of one coin, and it’s not unusual to find a person who incorporates both into a literary life. So it is with Nicola Redhouse – by day, an editor at Scribe Publications, and by night, a fiction … Read more »