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KYD No. 15 Teaser: ‘Posthumous and Personal: Remembering David Rakoff’

For the third KYD No. 15 teaser, Stephanie Van Schilt remembers the works of the late David Rakoff. David Rakoff has accompanied me where most others haven’t: at the gym, in the shower, in bed, while washing dishes or driving. He’s taken long strolls with me and sat … Read more »

Road to somewhere: Kentucky Route Zero

  There’s a point in the second season of Twin Peaks where it all starts to feel a bit ridiculous. The network-induced foibles of its later episodes don’t really detract from Twin Peaks’all-around greatness, but once Laura Palmer’s murder is resolved, the show does lose its central … Read more »

The Tennessee torpor: ITCH Productions’ Vieux Carré

Imagine the worst share house you have ever set foot in, multiply its misery by ten and you will have something approximating the milieu of Tennessee Williams’ 1977 play Vieux Carré. If you’ve never heard of it, that may be because it’s from his critically panned late … Read more »