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KYD No.17 teaser: ‘Read What You Know: The Comfort of the Familiar’

In the third and final KYD No. 17 teaser, Kate Larsen illuminates the pleasures of rereading. Read more »

On reading

Ever since I learned how, I have read quite a lot. The childhood habit of reading for half an hour before sleep waned a little in my early twenties (when neither reading nor sleeping were high on an evening’s priorities) but has reasserted itself in recent years. … Read more »

The (non-)completist

Do you like to read every book by your favourite author? I don’t…and I do. I discovered Marilynne Robinson in 2004, when her second novel, Gilead, came out. Narrated by John Ames, a small-town preacher, Gilead has an incomparable quiet humanity; I fell in love with the … Read more »

Fictional friends: ‘losing yourself’ in characters

If I’m being honest, a recent study concluding that ‘losing yourself’ in a fictional character can directly affect your behaviour is not news to me. Researchers at Ohio State University have defined the phenomenon as ‘experience-taking’. I have been experience-taking for years. As a lifelong bookworm, television … Read more »

A great book

I’ve read several books of late that haven’t inspired me enough to do the second read and background research I usually do for this column. Not that the books have been bad. They’ve simply lacked that spark that sets me raving to friends and boring through the … Read more »

Girl guides: five fictional female bookworms

In our list series, ‘Gang of Five’, we make a list of five things related to … whatever we like. Here’s KYD Online Intern, Stephanie Van Schilt, with five of her favourite fictional female bookworms. While reminiscing about lunchtimes spent in my school library or burying my … Read more »

‘A staggeringly high level of quality content’: e-books, DRM and the pitfalls of conventional wisdom

I recently talked with editor and publisher Zoe Dattner, who has worked in the publishing industry for more than 10 years. She began her career in the marketing department at Macmillan before quitting in 2003 to co-found small publishing company Sleepers, one of the initiating presses that … Read more »

Books: machines to think with

 Image credit: jblyberg In case you missed it, this year 14 February wasn’t just an opportunity to pen some purple prose for your beloved. It was also a chance to wax lyrical about your love of reading. On Valentine’s Day 2012, the Australian Government launched their National Year … Read more »

Recommended reading: What we’re looking forward to, Part III

In this final instalment of ‘What we’re looking forward to’, Martin Shaw asks some of our leading local writers what they’re recommending for 2012. We hear from Louise Swinn, Miles Vertigan, Geordie Williamson, Charlotte Wood, Chris Womersley and Rohan Wilson. For Parts I and II click here and here. … Read more »

Recommended reading: What we’re looking forward to, Part II

Bookseller Martin Shaw asked Australian writers what they are excited about reading in 2012. Today, we hear from Wayne Macauley, Angela Meyer, Pip Newling, Favel Parrett, A S Patric and Laurie Steed. This is the second part of this series. For Part I, click here. Wayne Macauley … Read more »