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Back inside: Life on the Syrian-Turkish border

In Turkey, less than 50 kilometres from the border, Syrians have chosen their favourite cafes, have opened Aleppine sweet shops and set up stores in the old city. Read more »

KYD No. 16 Teaser: ‘Easy Surface Gold: Protesting and Prospecting in the Godforsaken Lucky Country’

For the first KYD No. 16 teaser James Purtill examines the politics of place and belonging in the heart of gold mining country, Kalgoorlie. You will find Kalgoorlie six hours east of Perth, on a drive past rained-on war machinery and clean swept service stations, through the West … Read more »

‘A fossilised account’: snapshots of sexuality in Archer Magazine

Australia’s long had a thriving small press culture but there’s been a marked absence of long-form, in-depth discussion about sexual diversity within the pages of our lit mags. Kickstarting this discussion is independent journal Archer Magazine, whose manifesto is to ‘present engaging, inclusive viewpoints from the myriad genders, sexualities and communities … Read more »

Podcast: Authors behaving badly

We all have our favourite writers but would we still love them as much if we knew their about their politics, their nastiness, or their stints in prison? Sky and Grace delve into the dark, funny and just plain crazy reality behind some of the world’s most … Read more »

Political Panic: Argo , Zero Dark Thirty and the hunt for the truth

‘Based on a true story.’ It is a phrase commonly superimposed on a black screen, utilised by the filmmaker to evoke a deeper level of resonance and authenticity before the first scene even plays out. In recent times, the adaptation of real-life events to film has become … Read more »

KYD No. 12 Teaser: ‘Unquiet Graves: Returning to East Timor’

For our final KYD No. 12 teaser, Jill Jollife returns to East Timor after a long absence. Want to read the rest of Jill’s insightful article? You can get your hands on Issue Twelve on 7th January. After a long absence I’m back in East Timor on … Read more »

The stories behind your neighbour’s front door

She looks much like any other elderly Chinese woman in Australian suburbia. Short. Greying hair. Perhaps a little healthier than average, a little more upright than most. But there’s nothing obvious to suggest her story threads back to another time, another country, a world of suffering most … Read more »

KYD No. 9 teaser: Ruth Starke’s ‘The Renaissance Man: Don Dunstan and the Sexy Seventies’

For our second sneak peek into  KYD No.9, Ruth Starke looks back at the ever-alluring Don Dunstan in a scintillating investigation into the sexier side of South Australian politics. If this teaser leaves you wanting more, you can find the full text of this essay and more … Read more »

Podcast: Alex Menglet, Bell Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar has its share of memorable lines – to this day we beware the Ides of March or beseech our friends, Romans and countrymen to hear us. But though it’s sometimes thought of as the Shakespeare’s boring toga story, its absorbing tale of power, friendship … Read more »

Interview with Raphael Brous: I Am Max Lamm

If a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil, can it set off a tornado in Texas? Similarly, if a young tennis champion trains his forehand swing every day, could it have spectacularly lethal consequences? The notion of the ‘butterfly effect’ – where seemingly inconsequential conditions can have unintentionally devastating results – is a concept that came to mind in the reading of Raphael Brous’s Read more »