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Freedom and asylum: The photography of Andy Drewitt

Andy Drewitt’s photographs of asylum seekers seek to humanise an often overblown debate. Rather than the usual images of trauma and flight, his work focuses on what people do once they have the freedom to make decisions based on enjoyment, not just survival. Read more »

Pictures of pictures: Monument Valley and the rise of the in-game photographer

Presenting screencapturing a game as a form of camera-free ‘photography’ gives rise to a conceptual issue. If the ‘photographer’ is moving through, and capturing, a world created entirely by others, then who exactly should take the credit for any images created? Read more »

Reality vs. Instagram

It’s been over three years since Instagram launched, and we’re still not sure whether processing a photograph might be considered akin to doctoring a memory. Read more »

Clipped: What would Susan Sontag say about always-on cameras?

As I write this, a tiny camera clipped to my shirt collar is silently taking a picture every thirty seconds. At the end of the day, I will plug my Narrative Clip into my MacBook, and it will upload half a gigabyte of images to the Cloud. … Read more »

Putting on the Ritz: Edward Steichen & Art Deco Fashion at NGV

In the 1920s, the corseted curves of the Belle Époque silhouette gave way for a new image of femininity. The flapper girl, with her bobbed hair and boyish figure and shimmery, sequined dresses, became an icon of the Art Deco period. These girls were bold, daring and scintillating. … Read more »

Art in the writer’s room

When Roald Dahl was a young writer, he would sell his stories to the New Yorker and with his fee, purchase a picture. A lull between publications and the income his stories secured meant that he would soon need to re-sell his pictures (even Dahl had peaks … Read more »

The story of Sectioned

Self-publishing your first book can be a terrifying prospect, even when you know what you’re doing. When I was a child I wrote a story about a polar bear, typed it up, added pictures, designed a cover and bound it into a rather crude-looking book. Little did … Read more »