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Highbrow vs Lowbrow: Nikki Lusk defends Lowbrow Music

I’m going to let you in on a secret: lowbrow music is essential to the survival of the human species. Without pop music, none of us would be capable of finding somebody to love, and as a result, we’d all wither and die. Read more »

The KYD Highbrow vs Lowbrow Cultural Showdown

Please join us at the Emerging Writers’ Festival for a very special cultural showdown: Kill Your Darlings: Highbrow vs Lowbrow. Read more »

Announcing the Kill Your Darlings columnists

As part of Kill Your Darlings’ commitment to in-depth arts coverage, we have selected nine regular Killings columnists to cover Australian books and writing; film and television; and music, theatre and visual arts throughout 2012. We’re delighted to announce that the Killings Australian books and writing columnists … Read more »