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Life’s Unfamiliarity

Much of modern art aims – ad nauseam, in many cases – to uncover the intrinsic oddness of seemingly everyday experiences. Thomas Demand’s latest exhibition conforms to this template. Many of the photographs in his NGV exhibition depict superficially ‘normal’ scenes, which become more unsettling with each … Read more »

Apocalypse, death and disaster at the NGV

This easily overlooked gem, situated above the NGV’s blockbuster Napoleon exhibition, can be seen as a kind of grim companion piece: while Napoleon is steeped in the rhetoric of glory, The Four Horsemen: Apocalypse, Death and Disaster lingers on the suffering caused by unchecked human ambition. The … Read more »

History as written by the victor: Napoleon: Revolution to Empire

Certain dictators exert a seemingly endless public fascination, especially when their deeds have been burnished by nostalgia and whitewashed by tales of military glory. Yet in the two centuries since Napoleon reached the summit of his destructive influence, the public – with some notable exceptions – has … Read more »