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For Whom The Bell Jar Tolls

I have read The Bell Jar every summer for seven years, not only as a reminder of my own descent into depression during my estranged periods, but as a symbol of my success in defeating the precarious ‘bell jar’ that hangs low above Esther throughout her travels in the Big Apple. Read more »

Calling out of context: The perennial appeal of Arthur Russell

When Arthur Russell died in 1992 at the age of forty, he did so in relative obscurity, having released four commercially unsuccessful albums and granted a single print interview: not exactly a promising oeuvre on which to build a legacy. Read more »

Maps with words: memoirs of Melbourne

This month marks my second anniversary in Melbourne. Since arriving here I’ve noticed something: there are an awful lot of books devoted to telling the stories of this city. I’m not talking about ‘official history’ books here (although there are plenty of those … Read more »

Film Review: Please Give

Please Give, Nicole Holofcener’s most recent film, opens with a panoply of breasts. They offer themselves unabashed, fragmented in montage, for scrutiny and appraisal. The array is set to The Roches’ self-deprecating tune ‘No Shoes,’ and the track’s wittily constructed catalogue of grievances (‘I had no shoes … Read more »

‘Every now and then the city shook its soul out’: Colum McCann’s Let the Great World Spin [review]

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing (Allen and Unwin) ISBN: 978-1-4088-0118-5 RRP: $32.99 It is August 1974, and at the bottom of the World Trade Centre, birds are being scooped into zip lock bags, so ‘dazzled by the building’s lights, they crashed into the glass’. It has just been constructed; … Read more »