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May’s KYD First Book Club: Notes on Maxine Beneba Clarke’s Foreign Soil

When it was announced that Maxine Beneba Clarke was the winner of the 2013 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for an unpublished manuscript at last year’s Emerging Writers’ Festival, jubilation hung in the air. Her face glowed with relief; public recognition had obviously been a long time coming for the Australian writer of Afro-Caribbean descent. Read more »

Anytime, anywhere? Reviewing Penguin and A&U digital shorts

With the ubiquity of smartphones and e-readers, and the wealth of content available to us – from podcasts to video on demand – it was inevitable that publishers would publish (and require) more from writers. To appease the busy, mobile and insatiable e-masses, following on from similar … Read more »

Recommended reading: What we’re looking forward to, Part I

In the last few weeks of 2011 I remember thinking to myself – as yet another ‘picks of 2011’ landed in my Twitter feed (and in all manner of other publications that crossed my desk) – that I was starting to tire of the phenomenon. After all, … Read more »