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These kinds of girls: The feminist essays of Roxane Gay and Lena Dunham

A galvanising moment is occurring now in popular gender politics and contemporary cultural texts. But unlike the 1990s wave of feminism, which heavily criticised mainstream representations of women in film and television, these new literary works not only accept these representations, but actively generate them. Read more »

Oversharing is caring: the rise of twenty-something memoir

The middle-aged love to decry the self-obsession of Generation Y. But is it so wrong for young people to process their lived experience by writing a memoir? Read more »

Learning from semi-charmed lives

When famous public figures take a step further and use their personal experience as a literary vehicle for exploring wider social issues, I can happily check my celebrity memoir prejudice at the bookshop door. Read more »

KYD No.17 teaser: ‘Read What You Know: The Comfort of the Familiar’

In the third and final KYD No. 17 teaser, Kate Larsen illuminates the pleasures of rereading. Read more »

Singing out

My maternal grandmother, Merilai Lilburn, recently died in a nursing home in Katikati, New Zealand, of complications arising from pneumonia. She was 82 years old. At the time of her death, I and the other members of our extended family based in Australia Read more »

A stylish provocateur: Periel Aschenbrand’s On My Knees

For those of us looking to fill the Girls void before the next season airs, Periel Aschenbrand offers us the gift of her life – or at least, the most uproarious parts of it. On My Knees is a bold and bawdy memoir about a woman falling … Read more »

Out of Shape

This is an extract from Mel Campbell’s fascinating new memoir, Out of Shape, which explores the tensions in our culture between size and fit. You’re invited on a jaunty adventure through fashion malls, boutiques and vintage fairs as Mel’s endeavours to get to the heart of the … Read more »

Living and writing Asperger’s: An interview with Jo Case

Jo Case and I caught up last Friday at a Spring Street café in that lovely lull between lunch and dinner services to chat, a recording machine doing what it was asked to do for at least half of the time on the table between us. Our … Read more »

Editors’ picks for July: An Uncommon Reader, Edward St Aubyn and Heat

In this new column, Editors’ Picks, the Kill Your Darlings editors share recent reading favourites. What are your picks? An Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett – Rebecca Starford, Editor I’ve just finished An Uncommon Reader. It’s a delightful novella from playwright and actor Alan Bennett, most famous … Read more »

Maps with words: memoirs of Melbourne

This month marks my second anniversary in Melbourne. Since arriving here I’ve noticed something: there are an awful lot of books devoted to telling the stories of this city. I’m not talking about ‘official history’ books here (although there are plenty of those … Read more »