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Follow the paper trail: Q&A with Sofija Stefanovic and Lorelei Vashti

Sofija Stefanovic and Lorelei Vashti are the brains behind Melbourne’s write-as-you-walk-workshop, Paper Trail Tours. Spanning some of the city’s most popular hangouts and lesser-known nooks, the foot tour focuses on unlocking participants’ creative potential, all while in a relaxed, friendly group atmosphere. They even provide notebooks, with the hope … Read more »

An open letter to Melburnians

Once while enjoying a sunny day and a mocha on Brunswick Street, I gave a homeless woman my change, but when she discovered my origins, she recoiled in disgust and spat out, ‘You’re American?? I hate Americans. You’re all taking over Australia.’ Then she wandered off with … Read more »

LCD Soundsystem’s discography of a friendship

LCD Soundsystem (2005) 2007. It’s two years since I slouched back to Brisbane from a stint overseas. Luke is the last of my best friends to remain here, in this oversized country town that shaped our university days. I’m surprised he hasn’t yet taken flight: he emerged … Read more »

Tapas and tattoos: celebrating craft in Melbourne

Section of The Melbourne Tapa: Lose Matala Koe Kilisital by Sesilia Veamatahau Wardell, 2012, feta’aki, cassava paste, acrylic, 150cm x 150cm When I think of the word ‘craft’, a range of images are conjured, from construction paper glued to Paddle Pop sticks with Clag, to the finest, … Read more »

Little Prince, big performance: a message from the cheap seats

For a long time I wasn’t sure that I was a stadium show person. I often found myself let down by costly international acts and blockbusters at Rod Laver Arena, attending shows by definitive artists more for the sense of ‘being there’ than for enjoying their exhausted … Read more »

Maps with words: memoirs of Melbourne

This month marks my second anniversary in Melbourne. Since arriving here I’ve noticed something: there are an awful lot of books devoted to telling the stories of this city. I’m not talking about ‘official history’ books here (although there are plenty of those … Read more »

Interview with Tamara Saulwick, creator and performer of Pin Drop

Fears are something we are thought to grow out of, as we leave our childhood beds and the threat of monsters hidden beneath them. Yet, the ‘things that go bump in the night’ encountered as an adult have the potential to be far more real and dangerous. … Read more »

Interview with Raphael Brous: I Am Max Lamm

If a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil, can it set off a tornado in Texas? Similarly, if a young tennis champion trains his forehand swing every day, could it have spectacularly lethal consequences? The notion of the ‘butterfly effect’ – where seemingly inconsequential conditions can have unintentionally devastating results – is a concept that came to mind in the reading of Raphael Brous’s Read more »

Interview with Alan Bissett: International Guest of the Emerging Writers’ Festival

The first time I meet Alan Bissett he’s wearing gold shoes. They have a backstory that is a combination of Cinderella and Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting. This is probably the best introduction … Read more »

Surveillance and the City: Meg Mundell’s Black Glass

Meg Mundell’s Black Glass envisions a future Melbourne where individuals without official documentation are relegated to the socioeconomic margins and the relationship between the public and private aspects of our lives .. Read more »