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Our picks for the 2014 Melbourne Writers Festival

Our editorial team’s top picks for the Melbourne Writers Festival – plus, join KYD for festival drinks. Read more »

Online festivals and diversity in the digital space

Earlier this year, Lisa Dempster, the director of the Melbourne Writers Festival, tweeted: ‘So I think ‪@pausefest looks AMAZING… BUT I have to ask: is digital culture just for dudes? 2/31 speakers are women.’ Read more »

‘Tweet nothings’ or 10 lessons to take away from the 2013 Melbourne Writers Festival

In his 1984 essay ‘On Writing’, short-fiction master Raymond Carver explained that part of his creative routine involved collecting advice, including sentence fragments he considered to be perfect, from other authors. Carver, himself hugely influential and imitable, would write these pearls of wisdom onto three-by-five cards and sticky tape them above his desk. Read more »

The adult vs children’s lit debate: an interview with Morris Gleitzman

There’s been much debate in the world of young adult literature after children’s author/illustrator Shoo Rayner posted a blog questioning the decision to award author Patrick Ness the Carnegie Medal (the British Children’s Book Award). The post was ‘Can children have their prize back please?’ and it caused a mild (but dignified) Twitter storm between Ness and Rayner, which everyone has since weighed in on. Read more »

Our picks for #MWF13

  The Kill Your Darlings team is very excited about the upcoming Melbourne Writers Festival, running from Thursday 22 August to Sunday 1 September. With over 350 events, there’s almost too much to see. After much flicking through the program and circling of dates, here’s our top … Read more »

Meet the Editors at MWF!

This month, join Kill Your Darlings editor Rebecca Starford at the Melbourne Writers Festival special event, Meet the Editors. She will be joined on a panel by fellow editors, Mary-Kay Wilmers (London Review of Books), Zora Sanders (Meanjin), Peter Rose (Australian Book Review) and chair James Ley (Sydney Review of … Read more »

‘Some incredible story told’: an interview with Gillian Mears

In the preamble to Foal’s Bread, there’s an exhortation: ‘Man, woman, boy or girl, when you arrive at the jacaranda tree, take a lick of your horse’s salty neck.’ Is this something you did when riding a horse? What of your own experiences on a horse did … Read more »

‘A strange kind of intimacy’: a day with Jon-Jon Goulian

The first time I heard of Jon-Jon Goulian, I was flipping through US Vogue,and a personal essay called Fish Out of Water caught my eye. I’d already become fascinated by androgyny in men’s fashion – from the ethereal beauty of Andrej Pejic to Marc Jacobs in his … Read more »

‘It’s about the stories, it’s about the treasures’: Dressed for Murder – fashions from the world of Hitchcock at MWF11

The ‘stories unbound’ theme of this year’s Melbourne Writers Festival – with its fluttery book exploding outward in posters across the city – was nicely evocative not only of the way in which writers festivals unshackle narratives from the bindings of bookcovers, or of the many battles … Read more »

César Aira: ‘Writing is my freedom, where I receive orders from no one, not even from myself’

Argentina’s César Aira has written and published over seventy novels (though no one seems certain how many there actually are), few of them longer than a hundred pages. He was first introduced to Anglophone readers in 1996, and five of his works are now available in English. … Read more »