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Taking risks without apology: An interview with Meanjin editor Zora Sanders

On the second ever Pitch, Bitch day, Meanjin editor Zora Sanders shares her observations on the ways men and women approach pitching and discusses the respective responsibilities of editors and writers to address gender disparities. Read more »

Podcast: Kill your darlings? Editors talk

If you’ve spent the last year crafting a book about depressed teens, vampires or misplaced mums, you might want to step away from the keyboard. Guest producer Sonja Dechian talks to editors of books and journals about the things they’ve learned from the slush pile – their … Read more »

The Meanjin Tournament of Books and shared reading experiences

One of the reasons I set out to read along with the Meanjin Tournament of Books was because I’m interested in the idea of shared reading experiences. ‘Social reading’ is a phrase that we are starting to hear more of, and there has been an increase in … Read more »

The Meanjin Literary Smackdown

The Meanjin Tournament of Books is a literary stoush that seeks to name the Great Australian Novel. With sixteen book titles, the round robin-style competition has four judges pitting book against book until the winning title emerges. It’s the Australian Grand Slam of book competitions, if you will. … Read more »

The Evanescence of Print

In November of 2009 I interviewed Sophie Cunningham for my blog (part one here, part two here), as I was interested both in her on-hold career as a novelist and the changes she had made since taking over the editorship at Meanjin. With her recent announcement that … Read more »

Why Australia Doesn’t Need The Reader

One of my favourite pieces in Volume 2 of The Reader is ‘Why Australia Doesn’t Need Another Literary Journal’ by Torpedo editor Chris Flynn. From the title, you can guess the subject matter: if you’re thinking of starting a journal, magazine, anthology or collection, don’t. It’s compelling … Read more »

The Religious Impulse: An Argument for the Novel of Ideas [review]

36 Arguments for the Existence of God: A Work of Fiction, Rebecca Goldstein Publisher: Atlantic Books (Allen & Unwin) ISBN: 9781848871540 RRP: $29.99 In Jeff Sparrow’s recent essay for the March edition of Meanjin, the current crop of militant atheists (Dawkins, Hitchens and the perhaps lesser known … Read more »