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The KYD Highbrow vs Lowbrow Cultural Showdown: Round 2

Calling all culture vultures! If you’re spoiling for a pop culture fight, look no further than the Kill Your Darlings Highbrow vs Lowbrow Cultural Showdown: Round 2. Read more »

Online festivals and diversity in the digital space

Earlier this year, Lisa Dempster, the director of the Melbourne Writers Festival, tweeted: ‘So I think ‪@pausefest looks AMAZING… BUT I have to ask: is digital culture just for dudes? 2/31 speakers are women.’ Read more »

Exercise and the Writer

From Dylan Thomas, the Beats and Hunter S Thompson, to fictional Bernard Black, the image of the writer has long been romanticised as an unhealthy, alcoholic and otherwise-addled self-destructive force. But is this an outdated portrayal, and could it be holding us back creatively? Is it time … Read more »

You belong here: an unofficial history of the Emerging Writers’ Festival

Emerging Writers’ Festival (EWF), 2008: I can’t wait to meet Nathan Curnow. Is he the one with the goatee and the nice-guy vibe? No, that’s Kirk Marshall. What about the foxy redhead? No, that’s­– Hang on; I think it’s that guy … the one in the bunny … Read more »