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Pinning down the oily fish: ebooks, publishing, and content management

The only editors who haven’t heard about the rise of the ebook must be those who live and work on tiny islands. Specifically, islands that have no access to the internet, libraries, media, messages in bottles or telepathic individuals. The rise of the ebook has been, after … Read more »

Kill Your Darlings ebooks are just what your ereader was looking for

ebook users rejoice! All 2012 issues of Kill Your Darlings are available for purchase via Amazon, and KOBO. Need a refresher? Take a stroll through this year’s issues and see the brilliant writers featured in 2012: No. 8, No. 9, No. 10, No. 11. We’ve also … Read more »

Kill Your Darlings No.11 now available through Amazon

Kindle users will be pleased to learn the current issue of Kill Your Darlings is available for purchase. Don’t forget: e-book versions of Issue 11 are also available through, with KOBO coming soon!