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Trivial Pursuits: The media and ‘women’s interests’

Women, especially in public life, exist as a part of men’s worlds – a big part, sure – but still a part. Even as women become more vocal in demanding accurate and respectful representation, we are kept at arms length by a mainstream media which struggles to catch up. Read more »

Cracking spines and firing up tablets: My (e)reading list for 2013

Another year, another mountain (both real and virtual) of books to read. Checking out upcoming publications is a little like being in a candy store. Without wanting to gorge myself on literary lollies, I’ve put together a list of things I’m looking forward to reading this year, … Read more »

The Nose: cage-free journalism

It’s a waste of words, at this point, to bemoan the flailing publishing industry and the decline of the traditional newspaper. When it comes to print, there’s a feeling of bitterness and complacent resignation. Enter The Nose. Opening the pages of this Melbourne-based indie broadsheet is refreshing. … Read more »

Crowdfunding for writers

Writing today is no longer about typing out a manuscript and having a publisher do the work of editing, printing, distribution and marketing. Instead, writers are finding it increasingly important to be entrepreneurial in creating markets for their work. Crowdfunding is an interesting new concept that allows … Read more »