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The Fault in the Cult of John Green

I like John Green as much as the next YA-aficionado. I’ve snot-cried through his books, and chuckled over his YouTube videos. But now it’s time to talk about the media-led oversaturation of John Green, and the insulting way he’s been heralded as the saviour of young adult fiction. Read more »

WASPiration: David Gilbert’s & Sons

As someone who’s always secretly aspired to being a WASP (before you mercilessly judge me for this, I should clarify that my desire has less to do with attaining elevated social and financial status than with being able to dress like a character in The Great Gatsby Read more »

One foot in, one foot out: why the best critics are all tangled up in what they’re criticising

Last month, The Guardian published ‘What’s Wrong With the Modern World’, an excerpt from Jonathan Franzen’s upcoming The Kraus Project. Because we’re on the internet, and because we tweet and share and create our own little echo chambers, we’ve all read it. If you haven’t, well, it’s … Read more »

‘The deep opening and the revelation of the human heart’: an interview with Diane Williams

A.S. Patric: Jonathan Franzen has described you as a hero of the avant-garde. How do you feel about a very popular writer who has had colossal mainstream success making this statement about you and your work? Diane Williams: I am honored to have such a stirring, elegant … Read more »

Colette’s family plot: autobiography in The Cat

‘Colette’s ‘family plot’ is a garden and a graveyard… The treasure of Colette’s writing is the layered vertical memory that blooms into fiction and thus brings to light those beloved ghosts who, Colette finds, now dwell within the writer herself.’ –       Jerry Aline Flieger, Colette and the … Read more »

On Writing: Chris Flynn

I’ve always felt deeply ambivalent about ‘the process’, mainly because most of the time it sounds like a load of horseshit to me. I never held much of a romantic attachment to this idea of the anguished writer locked in their garret or remote cabin in the … Read more »

Recommended Reading: Lisa Dempster, director of the Emerging Writers’ Festival

The Emerging Writers’ Festival kicks off today (see Kill Your Darlings appearances here). We asked EWF director Lisa Dempster to give us her recommended reading list. The role of a literary festival director is ironic in many ways: the closer the festival gets, the more time one … Read more »

Summer reading: Sherman Alexie’s War Dances

When I came across Sherman Alexie’s 2007 book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, I was surprised to see the controversial word ‘Indian’ where I might have expected the legal and technical term ‘Native American’, which I have dutifully preferred since I was a spotty … Read more »

Full text frenzy: Issue Four

We’re generous folk here at Kill Your Darlings, so to celebrate Issue Four (available at our stockists and website now!), we’re sharing three pieces from the new issue with you. First is Emily Maguire’s moving and shocking ‘The Invisible Women: Carers in Australian Families‘, which sheds light … Read more »

Extract – Caroline Hamilton, ‘Jonathan’s Correction: “#Franzenfreude” and the Great American Novelist’

In Issue Four of Kill Your Darlings (published this Friday), Caroline Hamilton writes about Jonathan Franzen’s cultural ambivalence. Read an exclusive pre-publication extract from the essay here. By the time of its arrival, the book titled Freedom was, ironically enough, weighted with baggage. Ten days before its … Read more »