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Recommended reading: What we’re looking forward to, Part I

In the last few weeks of 2011 I remember thinking to myself – as yet another ‘picks of 2011’ landed in my Twitter feed (and in all manner of other publications that crossed my desk) – that I was starting to tire of the phenomenon. After all, … Read more »

Story of a Cover: Cargo

I’ve always had a nerdish fascination with book covers and the design-by-committee process through which they are made. After all, a book doesn’t start out with a cover. It begins life as text, faceless to the outside world. Typesetting, fonts, embossing and finish – all that comes … Read more »

Revisiting Tomorrow When the War Began

Perhaps it’s wrong to compare a film to a choc-top, but I have a reason. I’m not talking about your simple vanilla choc-top – this was a tiramisu choc-top. Hovering indecisively at the snack counter, I found myself thinking: ‘How did I not know about this? And … Read more »