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Whitewashing occupation? Bill Shorten and the Israel Lobby

Racism and military occupation have no place in the modern world, and are certainly not something looked upon favourably by a majority of Australians. Yet while apartheid, for example, has become a byword for shame and racism, the Labor Opposition leader feels comfortable asserting that some Israeli West Bank settlements are legal. Read more »

Antony Loewenstein’s ‘Moving Forward? Australia’s Relationship with Israel’ available online

‘In truth, the Australian political leaders have chosen to side with a country that has continually occupied another people for over sixty years.’ In Antony Loewenstein’s article, ‘Moving Forward? Australia’s Relationship with Israel’, he details his frustration with Australia’s bipartisan support of Israel. To celebrate the launch … Read more »

Issue Three extract: ‘Moving Forward? Australia’s relationship with Israel’ by Antony Loewenstein

Forthcoming in Issue Three of Kill Your Darlings is Antony Loewenstein’s ‘Moving Forward? Australia’s relationship with Israel’. I first discovered the importance of the Israel/Palestine conflict in my early teens, in Melbourne. I remember sitting around the Sabbath table with my parents and cousins, discussing the events … Read more »

Amos Oz: The Nature of Dreams [review]

This gently illuminating documentary from filmmakers Masha and Yonathan Zur casts its gaze upon the life of critically acclaimed Israeli writer and political commentator Amos Oz. Drawing deeply from his memoir, A Tale of Love and Darkness, the film paints a thoughtfully evocative portrait of the eminent … Read more »