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High fantasy writers who aren’t George RR Martin, and who are also women

‘Tolkien is the greatest burden the modern fantasy author must labour under and eventually escape from if they are to succeed.’ So wrote Australian high fantasy writer, Sara Douglass, a decade and a half ago. Replace Tolkien with George RR Martin, and one might say the same principle applies today. Read more »

KYDYAC: Obernewtyn by Isobelle Carmody

Lover of all things YA Lili Wilkinson throws her hat in the KYD YA Championship ring for her beloved YA sci-fi classic, Obernewytn. ‘Obernewtyn,’ whispered the Guardian, looking out the other window. Her voice was as low as if that sombre building quelled her as much as … Read more »

KYDYAC: Space Demons by Gillian Rubinstein

To kick off the KYD YA Championship, Andrew McDonald looks back at the future with the seminal Australian YA science fiction book Space Demons and tells us why it should win. Every generation has its Space Demons. I speak not of actual demons from space (although some … Read more »

KYD YA Championship – contributors, titles and how to win

Image credit: Wonderlane Happy almost weekend everyone! Our usual Friday Amusement and distractions posts are on hiatus for the next few weeks because something special is going on here at Killings… Are you getting ready? Are you getting excited? Get your books out and your voting caps … Read more »

On the long-awaited cultural item #2: Isobelle Carmody’s The Sending

About a month ago, a book called The Sending, by Australian writer Isobelle Carmody, was spotted in libraries a month ahead of its official release date. Far from the steel chains, security guards and on-pain-of-death secrecy surrounding the final Harry Potter book, the 756-page, penultimate instalment of … Read more »

Breaking the Magic Spell: Tales from the Tower, Volume One: The Wilful Eye

‘When I was a child, I did not love fairytales. They led you into the dark woods and left you there to fend for yourself with no understanding of where you were or why you had been brought there and no idea of how to find your … Read more »