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Boy, Lost and The Stella Prize: An Interview With Kristina Olsson

Kristina Olsson’s Boy, Lost tells the story of her half-brother, Peter, who was taken from their mother’s arms in infancy and not reunited with his maternal family for decades. Boy, Lost has been shortlisted for the 2014 Stella Prize for Australian women’s writing. Olsson spoke with KYD about Boy, Lost, writing through trauma, and why The Stella Prize is unique. Read more »

Burial Rites and The Stella Prize: an interview with Hannah Kent

As we continue our weekly Kill Your Darlings Stella Shortlist Book Club, Hannah spoke with KYD Deputy Online Editor Veronica Sullivan about Burial Rites, the Stella Prize, and the importance of women’s only writing prizes. Read more »

The brand new Kill Your Darlings Podcast

We are very pleased to launch the first Kill Your Darlings podcast of 2014! Produced by Jessica Alice and Meaghan Dew, the new hour-long format has allowed us to bring in more contributors and go into more depth with each quarterly production. In this podcast we speak … Read more »

Poster girl for persistence: Annabel Smith’s Whisky, Charlie, Foxtrot

Annabel Smith is something of a poster girl for me. She exemplifies just what it takes to keep writing in an increasingly tough publication environment. Her first novel, A New Map of the Universe, was one of the flagship publications for the new writing imprint at the … Read more »

What we didn’t know and couldn’t read: Nicole Moore’s The Censor’s Library

Several years ago I was fossicking through the national archives researching the regulation of pornography in Australia when I stumbled across a reference to a box of items confiscated by customs officials. The box included something called a ‘boob bath mat’. Intrigued, I approached the archive staff … Read more »

Parties, interviews and the gift of the surprising conversation

The Melbourne Writers Festival kicks off today. And if you see an author or publisher looking grey this morning, it’s likely because they stayed too late, drank too much or both at last night’s Text Publishing party, an annual pre-MWF tradition. KYD editor Rebecca Starford left early … Read more »