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Kim Kardashian, butts, and the internet

We’re used to seeing her butt, and we’re also used to Kim doing crazy publicity stunts. Her entire life is a publicity stunt in itself, both the means and end of a crazy, money-making, power-acquiring trajectory. Her very fame is built on the playful and shameless self-exposure captured in the Paper shoot. Read more »

Reality vs. Instagram

It’s been over three years since Instagram launched, and we’re still not sure whether processing a photograph might be considered akin to doctoring a memory. Read more »

‘Objectifying objects’: pre-emptive nostalgia and books

Here we are in the middle of one of the most significant communication technology revolutions since the development of the printing press – and it seems we are enchanted with the past. I’m not talking about Downton Abbey or Mad Men, although they do evince the trend. … Read more »