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Parallel Lanes: On fear, citizenship and accountability

I slouched in to the taxi passenger seat, greeted warmly by an older Arab man who had altogether too much energy for a 1am pick up in this dead place. I knew as soon as I saw the driver that I would soon be doing the ancestry dance with him. This is a habit of every Middle Eastern man I’ve met. Read more »

Freedom and asylum: The photography of Andy Drewitt

Andy Drewitt’s photographs of asylum seekers seek to humanise an often overblown debate. Rather than the usual images of trauma and flight, his work focuses on what people do once they have the freedom to make decisions based on enjoyment, not just survival. Read more »

The haunted generations: History lessons in Spain

Each month, Kill Your Darlings publishes ‘Notes From’, a series designed to illuminate the lives and lifestyles of different people around the world. This month, Belinda Lopez visits Madrid during economic protests, where she encounters young Spaniards trying to find footholds in a time of great uncertainty. … Read more »