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Silicon Valley will eat itself

At a certain point in the lifespan of any subculture, fiction and reality start to blur. Members of the subculture begin to model their character and appearance on the idealised representations of themselves they read about or see on screen. Read more »

‘Alive Girl’ TV: The Carrie Diaries

Get ready to feel old: it’s been ten years since the final episode of Sex and the City aired. I’m not talking about the first episode back in 1998, but the final episode – the one before the two questionable movies were released. Read more »

How much sin can viewers take?: HBO’s Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire has achieved a similar status to the gangster films of the 1950s, bringing the state of television’s serial narrative — to borrow a phrase from Roland Barthes — to a more than adequate gestuary of ‘cool’. The pilot episode of the HBO series, the fifth … Read more »

KYD No. 13 Teaser: ‘Another World is Possible: Game of Thrones and the Politics of Imagination’

For the final KYD No. 13 teaser, Brad Nguyen looks at how history and the politics of imagination are presented in our favourite HBO fantasy show. Want to read the rest? Of course you do! KYD Issue 13 will be available for purchase on 9th April. In … Read more »

Fantasy without imagination

In The Poverty of Philosophy, Marx wrote that the hegemonic ideology loves to present itself as the natural state of things: ‘In this, they resemble the theologians, who likewise establish two kinds of religion. Every religion which is not theirs is an invention of men, while their … Read more »

All the real girls: Lena Dunham and sexual politics

In the very first scene of the pilot episode for Girls – Lena Dunham’s new HBO comedy series – 24-year-old aspiring writer Hannah (played by Dunham) is told by her parents over a fancy restaurant dinner that they are cutting off their financial support, which has enabled … Read more »

Spoiler alert – the end sucks: on televisual addiction and grief

Remember watching the last episode of Six Feet Under, crying for half an hour after it finished, and then missing the characters for weeks after? Or being unable to stop speculating after The Sopranos left you dumbstruck in the end? And how often do you partake in … Read more »

‘Are you saying New Orleans is not a great city?’: the stories of Treme

Treme is the latest television series from David Simon and Eric Overmyer, who created and produced HBO’s The Wire. Treme is set in the New Orleans district of the same name three months after Hurricane Katrina, and details the ways in which individuals, families and the community … Read more »