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Marital Crises: Gone Girl and Force Majeure

You can share your body, your bed, your bank account, and even your toothbrush, with another human being. But each mind contains a private world that can never be fully understood or examined, let alone shared with another. Read more »

Calling all Tweeters: join our first online book club!

 We’re excited to announce the first Kill Your Darlings book club will be held Wednesday 24th April, between 1.30pm & 5pm! As previously announced, we’ll be discussing Gillian Flynn’s bestselling detective novel, Gone Girl. Editor Rebecca Starford and Deputy Editor Hannah Kent will be moderating the discussion through the Kill Your Darlings Twitter … Read more »

Editors’ picks for January: How to Be a Woman, The Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project, Gone Girl

How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran — Imogen Kandel, Online Editor I have to admit books were not high on my list of priorities over the holiday break. In fact books sat somewhere between sipping wine and cleaning the bathroom.  Let’s be honest, they were … Read more »