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Highbrow vs Lowbrow: Zora Sanders defends Highbrow TV

I’m going to be honest with you. I feel a little guilty being gifted highbrow TV as a subject to defend. Highbrow TV doesn’t need a defender! It’s a battle that has been won! Highbrow TV is downright fucking awesome and every single person reading this already knows it. Read more »

High fantasy writers who aren’t George RR Martin, and who are also women

‘Tolkien is the greatest burden the modern fantasy author must labour under and eventually escape from if they are to succeed.’ So wrote Australian high fantasy writer, Sara Douglass, a decade and a half ago. Replace Tolkien with George RR Martin, and one might say the same principle applies today. Read more »

The mother of all TV incest? Lifetime’s Flowers in the Attic

I went to see David Sedaris speak the other night. He discussed his penchant for collecting filthy t-shirt slogans, including one which read: ‘Beer with no alcohol is like going down on your sister. It feels right, but it’s wrong.’ The audience were there to laugh, and … Read more »

Best of 2013 (Part Two): Television, Film and Writing

In the final of our two-part series, some of our favourite Killings contributors highlight their top cultural moments of 2013 – in television, film and writing. Have they missed any? Best Television — Julia Tulloh  What a monumental year for television. Breaking Bad wrapped up after six years of South … Read more »

How much sin can viewers take?: HBO’s Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire has achieved a similar status to the gangster films of the 1950s, bringing the state of television’s serial narrative — to borrow a phrase from Roland Barthes — to a more than adequate gestuary of ‘cool’. The pilot episode of the HBO series, the fifth … Read more »

Fools rush in: why fast-tracking TV doesn’t slow downloading

Commercial television sure does love talking up the wonders of fast-tracking. That’s the process whereby instead of sitting on a television show until an airdate that suits their programming department, they put it to air within a day or two of it showing in its country of … Read more »

The golden age of television… kinda

Everybody knows we live in a golden age of television. A combination of factors – mostly due to American cable television’s ability to create long-form drama without worrying about mainstream appeal – has resulted in a wave of the best television the world has ever seen. If … Read more »

KYD No. 13 Teaser: ‘Another World is Possible: Game of Thrones and the Politics of Imagination’

For the final KYD No. 13 teaser, Brad Nguyen looks at how history and the politics of imagination are presented in our favourite HBO fantasy show. Want to read the rest? Of course you do! KYD Issue 13 will be available for purchase on 9th April. In … Read more »

Facing the phenomenon: Bitchface/Smugface

Image Credit: kris atomic   ‘A bitchface is a way to express your passive aggression,’ announced 16-year-old online wunderkind Tavi Gevinson to Jimmy Fallon. A recent guest on Fallon’s late night talk show to promote the release of ‘Rookie Year One’ – an exciting text appropriation of … Read more »

Fantasy without imagination

In The Poverty of Philosophy, Marx wrote that the hegemonic ideology loves to present itself as the natural state of things: ‘In this, they resemble the theologians, who likewise establish two kinds of religion. Every religion which is not theirs is an invention of men, while their … Read more »