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If all the writers in the world were starving pizza sellers, then where would we be?: An interview with Alexandra Neill

Alexandra Neill facilitated the Emerging Writers’ Festival’s Pay the Writers forums. She spoke with KYD‘s Veronica Sullivan about the importance of recognising the value of writers’ time and work. Read more »

That’s it. I quit. I’m moving on.

Last week I quit my job. After four years in the one position, with no chance of promotion, I’d had it. My long dreamt exit strategy – a whirlwind of double-finger salutes and profanities – was put aside for the dull, terrifying reality. There was no Kool-Aid … Read more »

The subject of submission

Have you ever written a story that was so good you just had to get it out there? Have you ever wondered where and how you might send your story, taking into account the dos and don’ts of the industry and any number of specific submission guidelines? … Read more »

What are writers worth?

How much does a writer get paid? It’s no secret that the most avid readers of freelance literary writing are writers themselves. And so I’m sure many of you have found yourself reading a story in Granta or a poem in Overland and wondering ‘What is that … Read more »