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I won’t be eating my words: narrative in cookbooks

Until this year, cookbooks had managed to evade all those doomsday prophecies about the death of the book. But in March, a Sydney Morning Herald article dared to ask the question on every worried bibliophile’s mind: is the cookbook dead? Have food blogs, cooking apps and ebooks … Read more »

Save the schmaltz: cooking and family

Babushka Babushka is my cooking blog, where I hang out with old people from around the world and write down what they do. It’s one part Jamie Oliver–style culinary piracy and one part reverse race baiting. My whole life I’ve made my living either from writing or … Read more »

Food fantasies: virtuosity and curiosity in film

I have to admit that I’m an epicurean chump of the first order – I can spend money on quinoa and obscure spices like asafoetida more quickly than I can pronounce them: is it ‘aso-fo-ti-da’? I can watch, and genuinely enjoy, almost anything to do with cooking. … Read more »

Issue Eight teaser: Maria Tumarkin’s ‘Sublime and Profane – Our Contemporary Obsession With Food’

In our first sneak peek at Issue Eight, we’re delighted to serve up a delicious piece by Maria Tumarkin, discussing why Australians are becoming increasingly obsessed with food, even at the expense of other forms of culture. There will be more teasers to come over the following … Read more »