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Highbrow vs Lowbrow: Carody Culver defends Lowbrow Literature

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to a close friend of mine commonly known as lowbrow literature. Lots of people love lowbrow. He’s a popular guy. He also makes a tonne of money because he’s really good at turning questionable ideas into insane profits, and I’m mostly talking about teenage vampires and fifty shades of pretend bondage. Read more »

‘That rare, shimmering story’: an interview with Chloe Hooper

The Engagement is a tense character study of a man and a woman trapped by lies and deceit, but there is a strong third character in the story: Victoria’s Western District. How familiar are you with this landscape which you evoke so beautifully and so terrifyingly? I … Read more »

Selling out

  I’ve decided to sell out. I’m over being relegated to the literary fiction shelves, where good books go to die. I want readers – I mean, ‘markets’ – and I’m prepared to dumb it down, sex it up and dog whistle at all remaining points of … Read more »