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Goodbye 2015: The KYD Christmas Podcast

It’s the end of another year at Kill Your Darlings and we’re all taking stock – mainly of the things we’ve enjoyed during 2015. Read more »

In defence of creative writing courses

Creative writing courses have been routinely criticised by writers, ex-teachers, former students and literary critics since they became ‘an established fact’. If the value in creative writing courses is not measured by obvious markers of success, such as full-time employment, publications or prizes won, where is it to be found? Read more »

Pitch, Bitch: A new initiative for women writers

Pitch, Bitch is a new initiative aimed at encouraging female writers to regularly pitch their work for publication. Founder Estelle Tang explains what Pitch, Bitch is, why it’s important, and how to get involved. Read more »

Book Voyage

Some stories seem universal but others are forever linked to a particular place, whether because of where we first read or heard them, or because the story itself brings a particular location to life. In this podcast, links between story and place are explored. Estelle Tang recommends … Read more »

KYD No. 14 Teaser: ‘You Know Who You Look Like?: Being a Perpetual Face Twin’

For the first KYD No. 14 teaser, Estelle Tang writes about being mistaken for other, usually Asian, women. Are these confusions a symptom of cultural ignorance? To read the rest of Estelle’s piece, grab a copy of Issue Fourteen, available online 3rd July! This is tricky. Do I … Read more »