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That’s it. I quit. I’m moving on.

Last week I quit my job. After four years in the one position, with no chance of promotion, I’d had it. My long dreamt exit strategy – a whirlwind of double-finger salutes and profanities – was put aside for the dull, terrifying reality. There was no Kool-Aid … Read more »

Worst. Review. Ever: On the pillorying of Jessica Andrews

  Every writer writes because they want their work to be read – and in the brave new world of digital publishing, this desire takes the specific form of wanting to ‘go viral’. Virality can seem so arbitrary, so why shouldn’t a young writer pin their hopes … Read more »

Clementine Ford’s ‘A Bitter Pill to Swallow: Being on the Dole, Again’

‘Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation.’ My mother was fond of this quote. She was also fond of that one about success being ninety-nine per cent perspiration and one per cent inspiration, and the one about doors and windows and imaginary men. Unfortunately, the only … Read more »