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Taking risks without apology: An interview with Meanjin editor Zora Sanders

On the second ever Pitch, Bitch day, Meanjin editor Zora Sanders shares her observations on the ways men and women approach pitching and discusses the respective responsibilities of editors and writers to address gender disparities. Read more »

The brand new Kill Your Darlings Podcast

We are very pleased to launch the first Kill Your Darlings podcast of 2014! Produced by Jessica Alice and Meaghan Dew, the new hour-long format has allowed us to bring in more contributors and go into more depth with each quarterly production. In this podcast we speak … Read more »

Meet the Editors at MWF!

This month, join Kill Your Darlings editor Rebecca Starford at the Melbourne Writers Festival special event, Meet the Editors. She will be joined on a panel by fellow editors, Mary-Kay Wilmers (London Review of Books), Zora Sanders (Meanjin), Peter Rose (Australian Book Review) and chair James Ley (Sydney Review of … Read more »

Worst. Review. Ever: On the pillorying of Jessica Andrews

  Every writer writes because they want their work to be read – and in the brave new world of digital publishing, this desire takes the specific form of wanting to ‘go viral’. Virality can seem so arbitrary, so why shouldn’t a young writer pin their hopes … Read more »

Pinning down the oily fish: ebooks, publishing, and content management

The only editors who haven’t heard about the rise of the ebook must be those who live and work on tiny islands. Specifically, islands that have no access to the internet, libraries, media, messages in bottles or telepathic individuals. The rise of the ebook has been, after … Read more »

The subject of submission

Have you ever written a story that was so good you just had to get it out there? Have you ever wondered where and how you might send your story, taking into account the dos and don’ts of the industry and any number of specific submission guidelines? … Read more »

César Aira: ‘Writing is my freedom, where I receive orders from no one, not even from myself’

Argentina’s César Aira has written and published over seventy novels (though no one seems certain how many there actually are), few of them longer than a hundred pages. He was first introduced to Anglophone readers in 1996, and five of his works are now available in English. … Read more »

Emerging Writers’ Festival: KYD appearances

The Emerging Writers’ Festival begins on Thursday May 26, and Kill Your Darlings is excited to be taking part. See KYD editors in the following events: The Pitch Our panel of publishers and editors – from diverse publications such as literary journals, newspapers, magazines and online – … Read more »

The diplomat, the midwife and the handmaiden: Emma Schwarcz on the Residential Editorial Program

Emma Schwarcz set on the path to becoming an editor ten years ago, when a friend of her mother asked her if she was willing to be the handmaiden to someone else’s success. Earlier this year, she attended the Residential Editorial Program at Varuna House. The program, … Read more »