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Our picks for the 2014 Melbourne Writers Festival

Our editorial team’s top picks for the Melbourne Writers Festival – plus, join KYD for festival drinks. Read more »

Peak sharing and sustainable ‘Likes’

Sometime around 1970, oil production peaked in the continental United States. This was perhaps a little surprising, as over the preceding few years, production had continued to increase at a relatively steady rate. The peak wasn’t followed by a sudden decline in production, either. Rather, as it … Read more »

Five films to convert to 3D

In the Guardian, Dave Eggers described Terrence Malick’s films as ‘3-D without being actually 3-D’. It’s not too difficult to imagine what Eggers meant by this throwaway line. Just recall that indelible image from Days of Heaven of workers watching a storm of locusts rise from the … Read more »

Is there a doctor in the house?: Zoë Sadokierski

Welcome to our first ‘Is there a doctor in the house?’ profile – a badly named but admiring look at the fascinating work of literary PhDs. A little while ago, I came across Zoë Sadokierski’s PhD research blog. I was immediately intrigued by her posts, which deal … Read more »

On the ‘thing-i-ness’ of books

One question rarely posed to commentators predicting the imminent demise of the book is, what about the tactile appeal of print-on-paper? I don’t mean to suggest that the love of dead trees is going to counteract a tide of digital information, but I do think that there … Read more »